Consultation on the Replenishment of IFAD's Resources

The Fund’s resources derive from contributions made by its Member States.

The Agreement Establishing IFAD provides that “in order to assure continuity in the operations of the Fund, the Governing Council shall periodically, at such intervals as it deems appropriate, review the adequacy of the resources available to the Fund ....”, the Fund holds consultations on the review of its resources whenever the Governing Council deems necessary.

The Consultations on the various Replenishments are normally composed of Representatives from all List A Member States, all List B Member States and the number of List C Member States as decided by the Governing Council at the establishment of the Replenishment. These compositions are established by the Governing Council. 

The Representatives invited to participate in these Consultation Sessions are the Governors, however they may designate others to represent them.

Upon conclusion, the Consultation submits a report on the results of its deliberation, and any recommendations, to the Governing Council, with a view to adopting such resolutions as may be appropriate.  

(source: IFAD)