Germany and FAO honor 15 years of strategic partnership

Rome, 4 July 2017 - FAO and Germany celebrated 15 years of successful collaboration today, hailing the more than $129 million (EUR115 million) in special funds channeled to food security, right-to-food initiatives and nutrition programmes around the world through the government's Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and FAO's Bilateral Trust Fund (BTF).

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GFFA & Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference 2017: Agriculture and Water – Key to Feeding the World

The GFFA 2017 was held on the subject: "Agriculture and Water – Key to Feeding the World” in Berlin from 19 – 21 January 2017. Water is life. Approximately 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water. However, only around one percent of this water is freely available as freshwater and able to be used by mankind. Over the last 50 years, water consumption has roughly tripled. Increasing water scarcity is being accompanied in affected regions by increased competition over water usage, which in turn is also putting political stability and economic and social development at risk.